Micro application

Here we try to synthesise thinking i wiki that began with an early experiment with coordinated viewing which failed to progress, and has now reached the point of the power transporter. This is much closer to the original vision, which I will try to properly elaborate here.

# Definition A micro application is essentially a microservice deployed as a simple minimal web page.

# Frame Plugin

The about frame plugin can render the microservice in much the same way that a conventional plugin can, but without the complexity of tooling around npm packages. We can see the beginning of the power of this approach with the power transporter.

This approach combined with about frame integrations based web messaging that emerged from the early coordinated viewing experiment, we get one step closer to modules everywhere.

# Moving towards web components

A full fledged singe html page has advantages - it works in a browser, but it includes the standardised html5 headers we may not need, and well it is so close to a web component why not just use them? For now we start with simple web applications, but we move forwards by including wasm and web components in those pages until we find the most elegant solution.

# Deploying micro-applications To complete the round tripping, we seek to create a desktop application that is able to deploy micro-applications to the assets folder of wiki. We extend the current function of the wiki app to meet those requirements.