Remove Spam Transport

Here is some test help

# Transporter

Drop a url on here to see the json sent to the transport:

{{ restURL }}

# Routes - index

# Use

Here you would describe how you use the transport - a sort of mini-user Journey if you like. below ideally you will drop a screencast of how you use it.

Now with this Fedwiki transport you are able to store and share these lists in Fedwiki.

# Deps

This library depends on the following code: {{ Deps List }}

# Code

The library is written in Livecode. You can view the source here - [{{ github link }}]

{{ dotText }}

# Tests

You can test this transporter with the HTML Form below:

Test: {{ restURL }}


# To Do

It should be enhanced to: * Use XPath * Spit out code into libraries

# See also